Our language services are available to all and are designed for you, by people who care. At Knowledge Pathways International, we help individuals maximise their potential, and businesses actualise their future. 




At Knowledge Pathways International (KPInternational) we take great pride in our language services and are able to provide professional and affordable translations in over 240 different languages. We offer a wide range of services that include website translation, document translation, subtitling and interpretation. Our team of highly qualified language translators are extremely committed to ensuring the very highest levels of cultural accuracy. 

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Website Translation

If you want to grow and expand your business into an international entity, then you need to have your website translated. Without it, you will lose your place on the global market-space, you will alienate a prospective client pool of millions, and you will not be able to capitalise on your businesses potential. If you want to translate a website, then you’ve come to the right place.


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Document Translation

We can translate a document of any nature and will do so with attention to detail, rigorousness and care. Here at Knowledge Pathways International, we are able to translate highly specialised documents, including but not limited to the following sectors: legal, educational, engineering, medical and governmental. Our translators are here to help you translate the documents you need!


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Subtitling Services

Our subtitling service is here for you when you want to appreciate a piece of media in the language of your country, or if you want to study a film in a language that is more accessible to you. We understand that some films or tv shows aren’t translated into a language that you speak; we know how frustrating it is. At Knowledge Pathways International, we bridge the gap between worlds.


language services


Our interpreters are incredibly well versed in all the subtle nuances that constitute a language, and are therefore able to prioritise cultural sensitivity and accuracy when it comes to interpretation. If you should find yourself in need of a professional and quality translator, then KPInternational are only a phone call away. We understand the need for reliability, and won’t let you down.




We understand the culture

Understanding a new language can be a challenge, we, therefore, ensure that all of our language services prioritise context, grammar, and patience. We are here to help you appreciate a new language exactly as it was intended.

We can handle multiple projects

We can handle every single facet of a project, so you can experience a stress-free language service that is designed for you, by people who truly care not only about the process of translation but about the finished project as well.

We truly love languages

Each and every member of the Knowledge Pathways International team has a deep and passionate love for languages. Our team comprises of many nationalities, faiths and backgrounds, with cultural unity at the heart of what we do.

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