Want to do business globally? Speak the right language

Want to do business globally? Speak the right language

In order for any business to look outwards and progress within a global setting, rather than on a local or national level, communicating clearly with individuals from different cultural and geographical backgrounds is key.

Whether you’re an international student or a professional within a globally-reaching business it is important to get your message across successfully and in the most appropriate way. This can be a challenge even in your native language especially when it comes to the written word, where specific rules to grammar, sentence structure and colloquialisms can vary greatly from language to language.

One way to overcome this is to use translation services, which can bridge the gap in successful communication.

Website Translation
For your business to flourish and grow globally, a functioning website is essential to provide a positive first impression, for promoting your brand and encouraging purchase of your products and services. Research shows that while English is the most commonly-used language on the internet, this only accounts for 25% of users; this suggests that 75% of global internet users may better connect with content that is in a language other than English.

Making your online information available in multiple languages allows you to expand your company’s potential reach by ensuring customers from various cultural backgrounds and locations can interact easily with your website and products. This ease of use will serve to encourage visitors to purchase your products and services, promoting repeat business and developing your international appeal.

Document Translation
Encountering a language barrier can create an obstacle for any business. Having your written material available in various languages is an excellent option for improving communication with your target audience, without compromising on your message. Ensuring your products and services are fully accessible and approachable in multiple languages also serves to expand your potential consumer market.

Our skilled translators are on hand to accurately and carefully translate your content into multiple languages, whilst retaining your brand identity and ensuring all customers receive the same positive user experience, or more information about our available translation, subtitling and interpretation services, please click here.