International Women's Day - Knowledge Pathways International

Let’s join forces to achieve gender equality!

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women across the globe. The day also marks a Call to Action for accelerating gender parity. The World Economic Forum found that at current rates of progress it may take 217 years to close economic gender gap globally.

In 2018, the International Women’s Day campaign theme is #PressforProgress. 40 years have passed since the term ‘glass-ceiling’ is used to define thwarted careers and ambitions, especially for women. That’s why the current landscape is calling for business leaders to show real progress on diversity issues. Individually, we’re one drop but together, we’re an ocean. So let’s all collaborate in accelerating Women Economic Empowerment and gender parity. Collectively, let’s all Press for Progress!

As an organisation that recognizes the importance on women’s issues and the need to continue the momentum towards creating equal opportunities for women, Knowledge Pathways International is delighted to invite you to join us on the 8th of March for a discussion challenging topics such as leadership, stereotypes and bias, progression and diversity.

We want you to #PressforProgress