Membership Card

Everybody likes to save some money but it is just as important to get really good services and products from outstanding businesses that give not only great services and products but also outstanding value for money.

Knowledge Pathways International’s membership card is starting this year with one main objective; to help students save as much as they can while at university. Starting in Colchester, we are growing quickly and expect to cover the whole of Essex in just a few months time.

Knowledge Pathways International’s card is growing and expected to play a leading role in supporting the life of students in the UK.


So what are you waiting for?

Start saving now with Knowledge Pathways International’s Membership Card on our trips, training workshops and translation services. More offers and discounts will be added to the card and announced soon.

With our membership card, you are entitled to:

  • £10 off our day trips.
  • £10 off our training workshops. These range between £30-45. (These workshops are delivered by academics, practitioners, qualified coaches and industry experts).
  • 10% discount our translation services.
  • Additional discounts from outstanding businesses, restaurants, cafés, beauty, clothes and shoes shops, office equipment suppliers, stationery stores, and much more.